MAJ Christopher Telley, USA

Major Christopher Telley, an Army Information Operations officer, is assigned to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) where he is studying defense innovation and Information Strategy and Political Warfare. He enlisted as a Stinger gunner, serving in Iraq 2004–2005. After commissioning, Telley spent two years as an insurgent platoon leader at the National Training Center. He commanded a reconnaissance troop in Afghanistan 2012–2013, then worked on advanced technology integration at Nellis Air Force Base and around the Pacific. After completing the Information Operations Qualification Course, Telley managed strategic communication for U.S. Army Japan; he led the unit’s cyber campaign, conducted trilateral negotiations between Japan and South Korea and coordinated Army level talks. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science from the University of North Georgia.

While assigned to NPS, Telley has worked on projects for Special Operations Command Pacific, Special Operations Command Africa and U.S. Army Pacific. His thesis research—on resistance movements as small state deterrence—was sponsored by the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.