Dr. Robert J. Bunker

Dr. Robert J. Bunker, PhD, is an international security and counterterrorism professional. He is an adjunct research professor at the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) of the U.S. Army War College and an instructor with the Safe Communities Institute, University of Southern California. Previously, Bunker was Futurist in Residence at the Behavioral Research and Instruction Unit at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and a distinguished visiting professor and Minerva Chair at SSI. He has multiple degrees in the fields of history, politics and anthropology, and he has trained extensively in counterterrorism and counternarcotics. He has also delivered hundreds of presentations—including U.S. congressional testimony—and has close to 500 publications across various fields and formats. 

He has written two earlier SSI monographs related to this research area: Armed Robotic Systems Emergence: Weapons Systems Life Cycles Analysis and New Strategic Realities and Terrorist and Insurgent Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Use, Potentials, and Military Implications. He has been involved in Army Red Team, Foreign Military Studies Office and Center for Army Lessons Learned research and writing projects related to unmanned aerial and teleoperated sniper/machine systems as well as unmanned aerial systems projects for the Aerospace Corporation and related governmental agency support—including field exercise activities. His books—as a coauthor, editor or coeditor—include Non-State Threats and Future Wars; Networks, Terrorism and Global Insurgency; Red Teams and Counterterrorism Training; Fifth Dimensional Operations: Space-Time-Cyber Dimensionality in Conflict and War; and Blood and Concrete: 21st Century Conflict in Urban Centers and Megacities.