Our Podcasts

Our Podcasts

Army Matters Podcast

AUSA is excited to announce our Army Matters podcast focusing on what’s important to the Total Army community.

Each Monday AUSA’s Army Matters will bring you vital Army conversations and interviews on issues relevant to Soldiers, military families and all the amazing Army supporters out there.


Rotating each week, our show includes:
  • Soldier Today – Hosted by SMA Dan Dailey, USA Retired and CSM Troy Welch, USA Retired – focuses on trending topics and professional development for today’s NCO.
  • Army Real Talk – Hosted by Nzinga A. Curry and LTC Brittany Lloyd, USA – reaches the future generation discussing defense and Army matters.
  • Family Voices – Hosted by Thea Green – connects with military families with impactful messaging and interviews.
  • Thought Leaders – Hosted by Joe Craig and COL Dan Roper, USA Retired – provides interviews of contemporary military authors and senior Army leaders.


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Membership Matters Podcast

AUSA is excited to announce our Membership Matters podcast focusing on what’s important to AUSA Members.

Join AUSA chapter leaders from around the world for discussions on why membership matters, how to achieve chapter excellence, and how to get the most out of your AUSA membership experience. In each episode, we will talk about the successes and challenges chapter leaders face. Tune in as we share best practices for recruiting and retaining members, hosting engaging events, and connecting with your local community.


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