Talent Management Director Speaks at AUSA Webinar

Talent Management Director Speaks at AUSA Webinar

Photo by: U.S. Army/Pvt. Matthew Marcellus

Maj. Gen. J.P. McGee, director of the Army Talent Management Task Force, will speak Aug. 13 on The AUSA Noon Report, a webinar series hosted by the Association of the U.S. Army.

The event begins at noon Eastern.

Talent management is a top priority of senior Army leaders, and the task force was established to tailor how the Army acquires, maintains, develops, manages and employs talent around the force.

“We’re building talent management initiatives on aggressive timelines,” McGee said earlier this year at a talent management planning conference in Arlington, Virginia, according to an Army news story.

Some of the Army’s key talent management initiatives include the Battalion Commander Assessment Program, which took place for the first time in January and February at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and is a new way of evaluating majors and lieutenant colonels on their suitability to command a battalion.

A similar program for colonels, the Colonels Command Assessment Program, is expected to kick off in September.

The Army is in a war for talent, McGee has said, adding that the fight to attract the best and brightest “is going to be a decisive factor on how we fight future wars.”

“One of [the Army’s] strengths is the people that we bring in and the leaders that we develop,” McGee said.

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