Surveys Show Dissatisfaction With Family Housing

Surveys Show Dissatisfaction With Family Housing

Photo by: U.S. Army

Two new Army surveys reveal discontent in the ranks with the quality of housing, schools and overall safety.

Alex Beehler, the Army’s assistant secretary for installations, energy and environment, said the results “will guide Army staff and the private housing companies on ways we can improve the quality of life of our soldiers and their families.”

A family housing survey for residents of both Army-owned and leased housing found 37.5% of respondents felt housing was below average, poor or very poor. More than 15% rated housing as average, and almost 47% said housing was good, very good or outstanding. 

The results show scores by installation, including what residents liked most and least. In both Army-owned and leased properties, security and safety ranked high, while follow-up on maintenance requests ranked low.

The quality of children’s schools and safety were mentioned as the top items needing improvement for someone to remain on active duty. Condition and availability of housing, the quality of a home’s fixtures and location where other reenlistment factors.

A second survey focused solely on leased housing found the most complaints related to landscaping, visitor parking, pest control and the condition of roads, sidewalks and common areas.

“We are absolutely committed to providing safe and secure housing on every installation,” said Gen. Gus Perna, Army Materiel Command commander, who is responsible for family housing.  “We are taking action to earn back the trust of our housing residents and holding ourselves and privatized housing companies accountable to provide a high-quality standard of living.”