Spreading the Gospel of Special Operations

Spreading the Gospel of Special Operations

Photo by: U.S. Army

The U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School would be good model to use in building a larger “intellectual hub” for spreading the word about special operations technology and tactics, a recent report says.

The report by CNA, a nonprofit research organization, says the U.S. Special Operations Command lacks a focal point for spurring development and use of special operations methods within the broader force. The Army’s SWCS, though, is a successful model for that purpose and could be duplicated on a larger scale, according to the report, called “Advice from [Special Operations Forces] on the Use of SOF for the Next Administration.” The report is based on the perspectives of six unnamed former special operations commanders.

The report recommends creating such an organization within Special Operations Command itself to serve as a “foundry of knowledge on special operations forces capabilities and innovation hub for the military more broadly.”

Special operations forces “have pioneered numerous technologies and tactics that have benefitted the conventional military,” the report says. “The reasons behind SOF’s ability to innovate include a willingness to rapidly experiment and foster freedom of thought. These should be imitated and reinforced.”

The report can be downloaded at www.cna.org/CNA_files/PDF/DOP-2016-U-014394-Final.pdf.