Soldier Training Must Keep Pace With Modernization

Soldier Training Must Keep Pace With Modernization

Gen. Gary Brito, commander of TRADOC, speaks at Global Force
Photo by: United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

Providing soldiers with the training, education and leader development they need to keep pace with the Army’s modernization strategy will be critical through 2030 and beyond, the commander of Army Training and Doctrine Command said.

As the Army marches toward a complex battlefield and the biggest overhaul of its main battle systems in 40 years, soldiers must be trained, ready and enabled to receive and use the modern equipment, Gen. Gary Brito said March 28 at the 2023 Global Force Symposium and Exposition hosted by the Association of the U.S. Army in Huntsville, Alabama.

The key, he said, is synchronizing Training and Doctrine Command’s force generation and training efforts with the modernization priorities being advanced by Army Futures Command, Army Materiel Command and the combatant commands.

“We will have some new equipment, and we’ll have some legacy equipment, and specifically within TRADOC, uniquely to TRADOC, is maintaining the capacity to sustain our proficiency and training on legacy equipment as we move into new equipment as well,” Brito said.

Brito, who took command of Training and Doctrine Command in September, said his two previous assignments—commander of the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, Georgia, and deputy Army chief of staff for personnel, G-1—prepared him for the job of overseeing the command that recruits and shapes soldiers.

“I gained a great appreciation for the accessions engine for both officer and enlisted and also got an appreciation for the assignment processes, timelines and the [chief of staff of the Army’s] intent and priority of developing a 21st century talent management system with all the future-focused practices for modernization as well,” Brito said.