Senior Leaders Discuss Army’s 2022 Budget

Senior Leaders Discuss Army’s 2022 Budget

Photo by: U.S. Army/Pfc Liem Huynh

Army budget experts will discuss the service’s fiscal 2022 budget request at an upcoming webinar hosted by the Association of the U.S. Army.

The AUSA Noon Report webinar on June 24 begins at noon Eastern. It is free, but registration is required here.

The $173 billion budget requested by the Army is part of an overall $715 billion DoD budget for fiscal 2022. It marks a $3.6 billion reduction for the Army that preserves military personnel funding but reduces procurement, research, development, testing and evaluation funds.  

Unveiled May 28, the budget is a 2% funding decline in the topline, with a 1.8% increase for personnel costs. It also proposes an 11% drop in procurement, a 15% drop in military construction and a 1.1% drop in operations and maintenance.  

The budget calls for a 2.7% raise for military and civilian personnel but slight reductions in troop levels. 

The Regular Army’s authorized troop strength would drop by 900 soldiers to 485,000. The Army National Guard would lose 500 soldiers for a new level of 336,000, while the Army Reserve’s 189,500 troop strength would be 300 less than the current cap. 

During The AUSA Noon Report, the panelists will explain how the Army is transforming and how the service will balance modernization for the future with readiness for today’s missions at home and overseas.