Outcome of Future Battles Rests with New Army Command

Outcome of Future Battles Rests with New Army Command

Photo by: Army National Guard

The U.S. Army Futures Command is the service’s “scout into the future,” and what it does “will determine victory or defeat on future battlefields,” Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley said Aug. 24 as the new organization was activated in Austin, Texas.

“This command is our scout into the future. This command is our part of the Army that is going to look over the hill,” Milley said. “This command is all about setting the United States Army up to not only be winning on a battlefield but to be decisive and absolutely dominant on a battlefield so that we inflict punishment and destroy the enemy at least cost to ourselves.”

If the enemy knows it can be destroyed, a strong Army could result in deterrence, Milley said. “If deterrence fails, you will be prepared to win and win decisively.”

“We know there is a multitude of emerging technologies that are going to, whether we like it or not, impact on the conduct of military operations,” he said.