New Edition of 'Your Soldier Your Army' Is Out

New Edition of 'Your Soldier Your Army' Is Out

Your Soldier Your Army, a popular free booklet for Army families published by the Association of the U.S. Army’s Institute for Land Warfare, has been updated and is now available in print and online.

The daunting task of trying to understand the ways of the Army has been made easier for the families of soldiers over the past 12 years by the easy-to-read guide, first published in 2005.

Written by Vicki Cody, an author, Army wife of 33 years and mother to two active-duty soldiers with families of their own, Your Soldier Your Army—A Family Guide has been updated to include her perspective as a parent and reflections of her time as an Army wife. The subtitle of the book, which used to be A Parents’ Guide, is the first notable difference.

In the 45-page booklet, Cody—whose husband Gen. Dick Cody retired in 2008 after 36 years in uniform—explains practical matters like what it’s like to have a soldier in the family, deployment orders and the Army’s casualty notification procedures. She offers advice for in-laws, what a spouse can expect when a soldier returns from a long deployment, and how to keep faith and live your life by trusting in the Army and your soldier.

The booklet also includes a chart of Army rank insignia, a glossary of Army terms, and the Soldier’s Creed.

As with the first edition of the booklet, Cody embraces the reader by explaining the Army’s ways in her signature, down-to-earth style, bringing forth her personal touch through anecdotes and lessons learned.

“My goal back in 2005 was—and continues to be today—to share, teach, comfort and ultimately help others experience the joys that come with serving this nation,” Cody says in her preface. “Whether it is you, someone in your family or someone you know who is in uniform, I hope this book opens your eyes, ears and heart and helps to give you the resources, the strength and the courage you may need.”

Printed copies of the book can be requested by emailing or calling 703-907-4630. A digital copy of the book can be downloaded here: