Multi-Domain Battle Review Proposed

Multi-Domain Battle Review Proposed

Photo by: Army National Guard

A House panel wants the Government Accountability Office to review the Army’s Multi-Domain Battle concept report to determine how Congress can help make the concept succeed.

The readiness subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee isn’t questioning the wisdom of the multiservice and multinational operating concept aimed at using nontraditional means to close capability gaps, but it is worried about the services’ ability to make it work.

In its draft report on the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, the subcommittee praises the Army for its “forward thinking on the next steps to bring multi-domain battle to the warfighter” but notes “significant work remains.”

“Bringing the multi-domain battle concept to fruition will require changes in warfighting doctrine, organization of new warfighting formations at multiple echelons, investment in key technologies, leader education, force training and readiness evaluation,” the report says.

The review by GAO, the nonpartisan investigative arm of Congress, would look at practice and resourcing aspects of the Multi-Domain Battle concept such as implications on Army modernization plans, personnel and money needed to prepare soldiers and leaders to work in a multidomain environment, and to assess what it would take to field new capabilities in two to five years.

Investigators would have about a year to report preliminary findings to Congress, timing that allows lawmakers to take any recommendations into account when writing the 2019 Army budget.