Milley Submits $2.3 Billion Unfunded Priority List

Milley Submits $2.3 Billion Unfunded Priority List

Photo by: U.S. Army

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley has submitted to Congress a list of $2.3 billion in unfunded priorities, with $1 billion for readiness, $564 million for infrastructure, $404 million for increased lethality and $243 million for modernization.

The single largest expense on the list is $379 million for pre-positioned stock in Europe.

Milley provided the list at the request of the Armed Services and Appropriations committees to redirect spending. In his letter to lawmakers, Milley said the $2.3 billion in additional requirements “should not displace” items in the Army’s formal $182.3 billion budget request.

The fiscal 2020 request “sustains the progress of the last two years and achieves the level of readiness required for large-scale ground combat operations by 2022 while maintaining its counter-insurgency competencies,” Milley said. “Equally important, this budget funds the Army’s modernization strategy, tantamount to supporting the [National Defense Strategy] and achieving success in future conflicts.”

The $564 million for infrastructure would upgrade facilities for power projection and critical maintenance, replace a condemned air traffic control tower at Kwajalein Atoll and address housing issues.