ILW Paper Looks at China’s Military Capabilities

ILW Paper Looks at China’s Military Capabilities

Photo by: Courtesy Photo

A new Institute of Land Warfare paper warns the People’s Liberation Army has and continues to grow military capabilities, giving China the ability to counter some of the ambitious expansions planned by the U.S. as part of its Multi-Domain Operations concept.

Written by retired Army Col. Larry M. Wortzel, a former Strategic Studies Institute director and now adjunct professor at the U.S. Army War College, the Land Warfare paper acknowledges the U.S. Army is “radically changing both military culture and the conduct of operations in their incorporation of Multi-Domain Operations,” taking a new look at integrated and joint formations and capabilities.

China has the same focus, Wortzel writes, cautioning that the Multi-Domain Task Force concept being developed by the Army and the other services must be prepared “to meet the serious threat posed by China’s hypersonic weapons, missiles, naval gunfire, air attack and sophisticated forms of cyber and electromagnetic attack.”

Chinese strategists are watching the U.S.’ developments and planned responses. They are developing their own plans to challenge or stymie capabilities with their own improvements in missiles, unmanned combat platforms, electro-magnetic pulse weapons, cyber warfare and electronic warfare, Wortzel writes. They’ve also expanded their marines and created a separate and independent branch of the military for rockets.

Wortzel’s full paper explores China’s efforts and how the U.S. should respond. Read it here.