Esper Has Confidence in Murray at Futures Command

Esper Has Confidence in Murray at Futures Command

Photo by: AUSA

The Trump administration’s nominee to be first commanding general of the U.S. Army Futures Command “brings to bear a lot of attributes,” Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper said of the selection of Lt. Gen. John M. Murray to the new post. “He will get it off on the right foot, and get it headed in the right direction.”

Murray’s nomination for promotion to four-star general and assignment to the new Austin, Texas-based command is pending before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Esper said he has “utmost confidence” Murray will be confirmed by the Senate.

“He has a great background,” Esper said. “He is a very smart and thoughtful person.”

Murray was commander of the 3rd Infantry Division in Afghanistan and “sees the world from a warfighter’s lens,” Esper said. “He also brings to bear three years now of working on the Army staff as the G-8, which means he is responsible for requirements.”

“He has the confidence of myself and the chief of staff of the Army. He is known in D.C. He will be a good communicator, a good articulator of what the command will do and where it needs to go,” Esper said.