Donations Sought for Retiree Golf Course

Donations Sought for Retiree Golf Course

A private fundraising group has swung into action in an effort to save the nine-hole golf course and driving range at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C.

“The joyful well-being and longevity of our resident golfers testify to its value,” says the “Save the AFRH Golf Course” group on its website. “This course enables the lifelong sport of golfing, and serves as a place of respite, recreation, and camaraderie during the retirement years of Veterans who call the AFRH home.”

The golf course is part of the 128-acre retirement community, which offers residential care and support services for veterans. The facility was established in 1851 as the “Old Soldiers’ Home.”

Until last year, maintenance costs for the course were funded out of the AFRH Trust Fund. The fundraising group, made up of residents and associated members, says this is “no longer possible.”

The group is seeking donations to continue golf operations through the 2017 season while a permanent funding solution is sought. “We must produce at least $250,000 by Dec. 15, 2016, to ensure the 2017 golf season,” it says. “Your contributions will directly impact all the men and women veterans of our home, and will be deeply appreciated.”

As of Sept. 16, a total of $3,468 had been raised.