DoD IG: Household Goods Delays Continue

DoD IG: Household Goods Delays Continue

Photo by: U.S. Army

Military families continue to face widespread delivery delays of household goods shipments, but most claims for damaged or lost goods are resolved, a new audit report from the Defense Department inspector general found.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville has made people his top priority since he became chief on Sept. 30, setting a goal at the outset of providing “a positive climate where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.”

This includes providing a high quality of life on post, and his assurance that problems reported by Army families with the movement of and damage to household goods will be taken care of.

The January DoD report, titled “Audit of the DoD Personal Property Program Related to Household Goods Shipments,” reviewed the activities of four Joint Personal Property Shipping Offices for the fiscal 2018 period. It was found that the selected offices processed 9,852 shipments that were delivered at least five days past the required delivery date and had at least one claim filed for damaged or lost household goods.

Scheduling and equipment problems with the DoD-selected, independent moving companies accounted for delays in 41% of the shipments that failed to arrive on or before the delivery date or agreed-upon delivery date from the storage location.

Despite the delays, the report said, more than 90% of claims were resolved satisfactorily. Claims that were not resolved were the result of families not using the DoD claims offices once they failed to reach a resolution with the moving company.

The U.S. Transportation Command, which oversees the systems and offices in charge of moving household goods, did not agree or did not fully address six recommendations put forth in the audit, the report said, explaining that the recommendations “remain open.”

Read the full report here.