DoD Digital Modernization Focuses on Warfighters

DoD Digital Modernization Focuses on Warfighters

Photo by: U.S. Army

Warfighters are the big emphasis in the Defense Department’s recently released Digital Modernization Strategy, which focuses on innovation, optimization, cybersecurity and cultivating talent.

“In everything we are building, we are always challenging ourselves and asking, ‘Are we doing this in the most thoughtful way that is going to enable the warfighter to be successful?’ ” said Dana Deasy, the Defense Department’s chief information officer.

Released earlier this year, the Digital Modernization Strategy is part of an initiative to leverage innovative technologies, strengthen cybersecurity, reduce redundancies and increase efficiency. It will provide a roadmap to support implementation of the National Defense Strategy, the report says.

According to the report, the shift aims to simplify information-sharing and provide seamless, transparent and secure services. Modernization efforts have been underway as DoD transitions to departmentwide and shared services.

“Through four strategic initiatives, this strategy outlines how the department will increase agility and remain competitive within a constantly evolving digital global threat landscape,” Deasy said. “The National Defense Strategy makes clear that the character of warfare is changing. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our men and women in uniform maintain strategic advantage on the battlefield.”

The full report is available here.