Big Quality of Life Initiatives Ahead

Big Quality of Life Initiatives Ahead

Army family
Photo by: U.S. Army Reserve/Master Sgt. Michel Sauret

Ambitious initiatives to improve quality of life are being planned for soldiers and Army families, including almost $12 billion for housing and barracks improvements.

This is an effort to put momentum behind the Army’s people priorities, which also extend to Army civilians.

On housing, a $2.8 billion five-year program including assistance from bankers and investors would build about 3,800 new units and renovate 18,000 existing units. That is not necessarily a promise for quick relief, as the aim is to have steady and lasting improvements.

A separate $9 billion 10-year plan is taking shape for barracks that will begin with a closer inspection of easily made repairs in addition to long-term renovations.

Efforts are also underway to make it easier for families to transfer Child and Youth Service program registration from one installation to another when moving. Registration is required to participate in many programs, including youth sports and fitness, tutoring and child care.

These initiatives are in addition to earlier programs to improve household goods shipments, expand employment assistance for military spouses and provide more access to quality child care.