AUSA Releases 5 New Podcasts in August

AUSA Releases 5 New Podcasts in August

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The Association of the U.S. Army is releasing five new podcasts in August, including a soldier who turned his passion for fishing into a post-retirement business and an Army family that has given much during the war in Afghanistan.

First up in the “Army Matters” series is an interview with retired Sgt. Maj. Burnie Haney, who owns New York Fishing Adventures with Captain Burnie Haney in Henderson, New York.

A career soldier who spent 26 years on active duty, retiring from a final assignment with the 10th Mountain Division, and more than 12 years as an Army civilian at Fort Drum, New York, Haney will talk about how he started his fishing business and how he’s able to make a living out of his childhood passion.

The podcast is available Aug. 1.

Next up is an interview with retired Col. Jim Wanovich, his wife, Kim, and their son 1st Lt. Andrew Wanovich. Both Jim Wanovich and his son served in Afghanistan, with the elder Wanovich conducting a parachute assault into the country during the initial invasion in October 2001 and then serving multiple tours mostly with special operations units.

Andrew Wanovich deployed with the 82nd Airborne Division in August 2021 to help evacuate U.S. citizens, NATO allies and Afghan partners as the U.S. prepared to withdraw from Afghanistan.

The pair will share their experiences, while Kim Wanovich will share her story as she supported her loved ones from home.

The podcast is available Aug. 8.

On Aug. 15, the podcast will feature Cindy Risch, spouse of Lt. Gen. Stuart Risch, the Army judge advocate general. During the episode, Risch will share her journey as a military spouse and mother and her work to support other military spouses.

Up next, on Aug. 22, the podcast will feature Elbridge Colby, author of The Strategy of Denial: American Defense in an Age of Great Power Conflict.

In The Strategy of Denial, Colby writes about how America’s defense must change to address China’s growing power and ambition, according to a description of the book. The book offers a “clear framework for what America’s goals in confronting China must be, how its military strategy must change, and how it must prioritize these goals over its lesser interests,” according to the description. 

Colby is a former deputy assistant defense secretary for strategy and force development who led the development of the 2018 National Defense Strategy. He is cofounder and principal of The Marathon Initiative. 

Finally, on Aug. 29, the podcast will feature Jack Watling of the Royal United Services Institute, the U.K.’s leading defense and security think tank.

Watling, who is the group’s senior research fellow for land warfare, will share his insights on the changing characteristics of warfare in Ukraine based on his research and travel to the region since the Russian invasion in February. 

Full details on the podcasts are available at Listeners also can subscribe to “Army Matters” for updates.