AUSA Releases 2 New Podcasts in November

AUSA Releases 2 New Podcasts in November

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The Association of the U.S. Army is releasing two new podcasts in November as part of its relaunched “Army Matters” series.

First up is a podcast featuring retired Lt. Gen. Robert Foley, who received the Medal of Honor for his actions in Vietnam. Foley, who went on to command Fifth Army, is the author of Standing Tall: Leadership Lessons in the Life of a Soldier.

A 1963 graduate of West Point, Foley earned the Medal of Honor for his actions on Nov. 5, 1966, when he and his soldiers were sent to extricate another company that had come under siege by the enemy. Moving through the thick jungle, the soldiers encountered a strong enemy force, and the leading element quickly sustained several casualties, according to his Medal of Honor citation.

Foley immediately ran forward to direct the company’s efforts and led his soldiers in an attack on the enemy. When both radio operators accompanying him were wounded, Foley defied the heavy enemy fire and helped his soldiers to safety, according to the citation.

As he moved forward again, one of his machine-gun crews was wounded. “Seizing the weapon, he charged forward firing the machine gun, shouting orders, and rallying his men, thus maintaining the momentum of the attack,” the citation says.

Under increasingly heavy enemy fire, Foley ordered his assistant to take cover, and he moved forward alone, firing the machine gun until the wounded were evacuated. Foley continued to fight after being wounded by an enemy grenade, leading the assault on several enemy gun emplacements and single-handedly destroying three of them.

Foley retired from the Army in 2000 after 37 years of service. A former director of Army Emergency Relief, Foley is the 2023 recipient of AUSA’s General Creighton W. Abrams Medal for exceptional service to the U.S. Army.

During the podcast, Foley will discuss Standing Tall, his experiences in Vietnam and how he was serenaded by his troops after falling into a well.

The episode is available Nov. 8.

Next up, on Nov. 22, is a podcast highlighting the work of Wreaths Across America. Every December, thousands of volunteers place wreaths on millions of graves of fallen service members in cemeteries across the country. The initiative was started by Morrill and Karen Worcester in 1992, and it has grown to include an annual event, a radio station, an educational guide and more.

During the podcast, Karen Worcester, now executive director of Wreaths Across America, and Cindy Tatum, a Gold Star mother and the group’s education liaison, will discuss the creation of the organization and the importance of remembering every fallen service member.

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