AUSA Membership, Donations Each Top 100K

AUSA Membership, Donations Each Top 100K

Photo by: AUSA

After 12 consecutive months of growth, the Association of the U.S. Army ended 2017 with slightly more than 109,500 members, the highest level since June 2004.

Growth in 2017 exceeded a 100,000-member goal set by retired Gen. Carter F. Ham, AUSA president and CEO, and was made possible by focusing on membership and a novel association program.

AUSA has membership agreements with the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States, the Patriot Project, the U.S. Army Warrant Officers Association, The ROCKS Inc. and the Civil Affairs Association. Other association partnerships are under consideration.

“Our new partnerships, expanded member benefits, new educational programs, and the hard work of our regions and chapters are all reasons for growth last year. These are also great reasons for optimism for continued growth,” said retired Lt. Gen. Patricia McQuistion, AUSA vice president for membership and meetings. “Our challenge for 2018 is to keep all our current members engaged, while continuing to grow.”

In addition to expanding membership, AUSA completed 2017 with a very successful fundraising program that raised more than $119,000. Money was donated to support scholarship, AUSA’s Institute of Land Warfare, and programs for NCOs, soldiers and families.