AUSA Hosting Four Family Readiness Events

AUSA Hosting Four Family Readiness Events

Photo by: U.S. Army

The Family Readiness Directorate of the Association of the U.S. Army has four free events planned in August and September aimed at Army families.

  • On Aug. 17 at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, a half-day forum is planned about living with a soldier who has post-traumatic stress.
  • On Aug. 25, a spouse employment forum will be held at Fort Riley, Kan.
  • On Aug. 26, a full-day forum will be held at AUSA’s Conference and Event Center in Arlington, Va., focusing on how nonprofit organizations led by military spouses could collaborate on programs.
  • Finally, on Sept. 22, a forum focusing on National Guard and Army Reserve spouses will be held at the New Jersey National Guard Armory in Bordentown, N.J.

Each event will include speakers and panel discussions focused on helping military families deal with some of the toughest issues they face, said Patty Barron, AUSA’s Family Readiness director.

For example, the meeting in Hawaii includes experts on community and support organizations for families living with post-traumatic stress, including tips on how to cope with day-to-day challenges, strengthening family relationships and where to get help. This will include discussions about mitigating effects on children, and options for a spouse being employed while also caring for a soldier with post-traumatic stress.

The keynote speaker at the forum’s lunch will be Patti Brown, spouse of Gen. Robert B. Brown, the U.S. Army Pacific commander.

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The spouse employment forum at Fort Riley will include tips focused on the challenges faced by military spouses of having a higher unemployment rate and earning less money than their civilian counterparts. “It's no secret that the transient lifestyle of a military spouse can negatively impact career development and upward mobility, but there are tools and resources available today that can mitigate those negative effects,” Barron said.

C. Eddy Mentzer of DoD’s Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program will be a guest speaker. Other employment specialists will take part in panel discussions.

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The spouse nonprofit collaboration discussion at AUSA’s Conference and Event Center is jointly sponsored with the Military Spouse JD Network, and will focus on expanding the reach of existing organizations by working together. “The bulk of the day will be conversations with attendees—you—to better build a collaborative community of support for our organizations. We are stronger together, and we hope you will be a part of building strength in our military family community,” Barron said.

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The forum for National Guard and Reserve spouses will look at help that is available for spouses and families when not located in a military community. The discussion will focus on where to find help, how to build a support network and practical tips.

Homefront United Network, an organization founded by Army National Guard spouse Angela Caban, is a co-sponsor of the event. Caban, the New Jersey National Guard Spouse of the Year 2013, and Bianca Strzalkowski, 2011 Military Spouse of the Year, will speak at the event.

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