Army Seeks Retirees to Support COVID-19 Response

Army Seeks Retirees to Support COVID-19 Response

Photo by: U.S. Army

The Army is seeking retired soldiers who are willing to support the service’s COVID-19 response effort if needed.

“These extraordinary challenges require equally extraordinary solutions, and that's why we're turning to you—trusted professionals capable of operating under constantly changing conditions,” reads a message from Lt. Gen. Thomas Seamands, Army deputy chief of staff for personnel. “When the nation called—you answered, and now, that call may come again.”

The Army is already heavily engaged in supporting efforts to contain the COVID-19 virus. Thousands of Army National Guard soldiers are mobilized in their home states, Army researchers are working on a vaccine, and the service is deploying three hospital units to support local authorities in New York and Washington state, among other efforts.

The March 25 message, which was sent by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, seeks retired officers, NCOs and soldiers who remain qualified in these specialties:

  • Critical care officer, 60F
  • Anesthesiologist, 60N
  • Nurse anesthetist, 66F
  • Critical care nurse, 66S
  • Nurse practitioner, 66P
  • ER nurse, 66T
  • Respiratory specialist, 68V
  • Medic, 68W

The message asks volunteers to disclose if they work in a civilian hospital or medical facility. “We do not want to detract from the current care and treatment you are providing to the nation,” the message says.

Retired soldiers in different specialties who want to help can also contact the Army, according to the message.

To volunteer, contact the U.S. Army Human Resources Command’s Reserve Personnel Management Directorate at[email protected] or call 502-613-4911. You will need to provide your phone number, address, email address and MOS or branch.