Army Seeks Emergency Ventilator Ideas

Army Seeks Emergency Ventilator Ideas

If you have an idea for a low-cost, rugged and easy-to-build emergency ventilator, the Army wants to hear from you, and soon.

As part of its ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Army has launched the xTech COVID-19 Ventilator Challenge. The goal is to find solutions to quickly provide much-needed ventilators during the crisis. 

The effort is being run through the Army’s xTechSearch competition, which calls on small business and technology companies to demonstrate technologies that can help the Army meet its modernization challenges.

The ventilator challenge seeks pitches for low-cost, easy-to-manufacture emergency ventilators that can provide patients with a rapid response breathing apparatus and is capable of rugged, short-term field operations.

Submissions are being accepted on the xTechSearch website. Those chosen to advance will receive $5,000 to present a virtual pitch of their technology concept to the xTech COVID-19 panel. Pitches begin April 13. Individuals or companies selected by the panel will receive $100,000 to develop a concept prototype.

For more information or to apply, click here.