2022 US Security Strategy Stresses Transformation

2022 US Security Strategy Stresses Transformation

soldiers training
Photo by: (U.S. Army/Cpl. Kyler Chatman

The White House’s 2022 National Security Strategy prioritizes force modernization, an endorsement of the Army’s multiyear transformation initiatives. 

“A combat-credible military is the foundation of deterrence and America’s ability to prevail in conflict,” the strategy says. “We will modernize the joint force to be lethal, resilient, sustainable, survivable, agile, and responsive, prioritizing operational concepts and updated warfighting capabilities.” 

A strong industrial base is a key part of the strategy. “The war in Ukraine highlights the criticality of a vibrant Defense Industrial Base for the United States and its allies and partners. It must not only be capable of rapidly manufacturing proven capabilities needed to defend against adversary aggression, but also empowered to innovate and creatively,” the document says. 

Forward-looking capabilities are critical. “As emerging technologies transform warfare and pose novel threats to the United States and our allies and partners, we are investing in a range of advanced technologies including applications in the cyber and space domains, missile defeat capabilities, trusted artificial intelligence, and quantum systems, while deploying new capabilities to the battlefield in a timely manner.” 

Trusted allies and partners remain an important part of U.S. policy, according to the document. “Incorporating allies and partners at every stage of defense planning is crucial to meaningful collaboration,” it says. “We also seek to remove barriers to deeper collaboration with allies and partners, to include issues related to joint capability development and production to safeguard our shared military-technological edge.”  

The full 48-page unclassified strategy may be read and downloaded here.