2018 ‘Profile of the U.S. Army’ Available

2018 ‘Profile of the U.S. Army’ Available

Photo by: Army National Guard

The Institute of Land Warfare, the educational arm of the Association of the U.S. Army, has published its 2018 Profile of the United States Army.

Available online and in print, the guide describes Army organizational structure and priorities, including maps showing the location of Regular Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve commands, corps and divisions.

The updated guide describes the Army’s role in defense and national security strategy, how the Army is organized and who serves in its ranks.

Retired Gen. Carter F. Ham, AUSA president and CEO, described Profile of the United States Army as “a user-friendly reference book for people familiar with the Army and an easy-to-read introduction for family members, civilian employees, contractors and future soldiers.”

A copy may be downloaded here: https://www.ausa.org/publications/profile-united-states-army-2018-edition

Printed copies may be requested by emailing education@ausa.org.