10 Finalists Named in xTechSearch Competition

10 Finalists Named in xTechSearch Competition

Photo by: U.S. Army

Ten small businesses have been named finalists in the fourth round of the Army’s xTechSearch competition.

The companies will each receive $120,000 and advance to the finals, which are scheduled for the Association of the U.S. Army’s 2020 Annual Meeting and Exposition in October. The winner will receive a $250,000 prize to continue its work.

Twenty companies competed in the semifinals of xTechSearch 4.0, which took place online.

The demonstrations were supposed to take place during AUSA’s Global Force Symposium and Exposition March 17–19 in Huntsville, Alabama, but the event was canceled amid growing concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Zeke Topolosky, Army xTechSearch program manager, praised the competitors and his team for finding a quick and successful solution.

“The participating companies really put in the hard work behind the scenes on short notice to make the livestream event happen, and we thank them for their professionalism and flexibility," Topolosky said in a statement.

From March 17­–18, the 20 companies showcased their technologies and presented a supporting business plan proposal to a panel of judges. The 10 finalists were announced March 19.

They are:

  • Bounce Imaging of Buffalo, New York, which is working on a tactical, throwable camera capable of capturing 360-degree panoramic video and audio and transmitting it in real time.
  • GeneCapture of Huntsville, which is working on a portable rapid infection diagnostic that can identify the genetic signature of the pathogen.
  • Inductive Ventures of Marietta, Georgia, which presented an active magnetic brake design that allows rotorcraft to brake and taxi in difficult terrain without using the main rotor. It would replace the current carbon/steel brake that’s currently used onboard.
  • IoTAI of Fremont, California, which presented a deployable system that provides real-time monitoring and data collection and supports over 4,000 sensors.
  • KeriCure of Wesley Chapel, Florida, which is working on nanopolymer-based skin and wound care products that protect against bacteria, dirt and germs in a simple spray-on format.
  • Lynq Technologies of Brooklyn, New York, which is working on a lightweight, low-cost and jamming-resistant location device that provides situational awareness and allows operators to tag, track or locate anyone or anything for miles.
  • MEI Micro of Addison, Texas, which has developed a fabrication platform that enables the design of high-performance, low-cost inertial sensors that can be scaled to provide tactical, near navigation.
  • Multiscale Systems of Worchester, Massachusetts, which is developing next-generation materials for energy absorption, vibration control and reduced mass density. The material can be used in the development of soldier protective systems, including reducing the load on aircraft and mitigating the impact of long-range missiles.
  • Novaa of Dublin, Ohio, which has developed an ultra-wideband antenna capability that allows for multiband operations, powers high bandwidth, multifunctional operations, and replaces several separate antenna systems with a single, low-profile system.
  • Vita Inclinata Technologies of Broomfield, Colorado, which has an active suspended load stabilization device that can be used to boost military search and rescue and helicopter external cargo missions.

The Expeditionary Technology Search, shortened to xTechSearch, calls on small business and technology companies to demonstrate technologies that can help the Army meet its modernization challenges.

The goal is to seek nontraditional innovators and small businesses who can work with the Army, including through cooperative research opportunities with Army scientists, as the service continues its modernization efforts.

The xTechSearch 3.0 finals, which also were scheduled to take place during Global Force, will be rescheduled to a later date.

The Army also is seeking submissions for the fifth round of xTechSearch. Entries are due by 11:59 p.m. Pacific time March 31.

For more information on xTechSearch, click here.