Winning the War on VA Loans - Educational Workshop

Winning the War on VA Loans - Educational Workshop

Fort Irwin, CA

9070 Chinook Ln
Fort Irwin, CA 92311
United States

Are you currently serving in the Army and stationed at Fort Irwin?
Are you a Veteran with base access and near Fort Irwin?
Are you eligible for a VA Home Loan and have questions about what that means?
You need to be at our VA Home Loan Education Workshop!
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This is the only VA loan class in the High Desert where the only agenda is education. Class will cover every aspect of the VA loan with verifiable information. We will have two experienced, VA-focused Real Estate professionals sharing how and what helps to get your VA Offer Accepted.

Our main goal is to educate the Military community and real estate agents with knowledge that will help more Veterans become homeowners by using the awesome benefits of the VA loan.

We look forward to serving you with the education you deserve.

Topics we will cover:
-Who is eligible for the VA loan.
-What the requirements are for the VA loan.
-How the VA loan compares to other loans.
-What are the biggest benefits of the VA loan.
-What is the VA funding fee.
-How you can have multiple VA loans.
-Down payment options with the VA loan.
-What the options are with closing costs.
-What the appraisal process looks like.
-What the inspection process looks like.
-What the shopping/making offers process looks like.
-What the loan process looks like.
-Biggest myths with the VA loan.
-Why sellers should accept a VA offer .
Open Q&A at the end


Friday, January 13, 2023 at the Sleepy Hollow Community Center on post. Starts at 5:30pm! Limited seating.

Reserve your spot here. See you there!