General Creighton W. Abrams Medal

General Creighton W. Abrams Medal


The GENERAL CREIGHTON W. ABRAMS MEDAL is awarded annually to the individual, not necessarily a member of AUSA, or organization contributing most to the advancement of the United States Army during the period ending each 30 June.  Award will not be made to a nominee whose only contribution was incident to his/her assigned duties as a uniformed member or as a civilian employee of the Army.  Award may be made to a uniformed nominee whose contribution to the U.S. Army is significant and above and beyond the outstanding performance normally associated with his/her assigned duties.  Originally known as the President's Medal for Service to the U.S. Army, it was renamed in honor of General Abrams in 1975.


  1. Awarded  annually  to  the  individual  or  organization  contributing  most  significantly  to  the advancement of the United States Army into the current calendar year.
  2. Award will not be made to a nominee whose only contribution was incident to assigned duties as a uniformed member or civilian employee of the Army.
  3. Elected or appointed Federal Government Officials (except Civilian Aides to the Secretary of the  Army  who  have  served  multiple  terms)  are  deferred  from  consideration  to  receive  the award while in office.
  4. Members of the AUSA Board of Directors are deferred from consideration to receive the award while serving on the board.
  5. There is no requirement that those nominated or selected be members of the Association.
  6. Candidate must be present to accept the award at the Association’s Annual Meeting.


Previous Recipients

1965  Mr. Chris P. Fox
1966  Dr. Novice G. Fawcett
1967  Mr. Marshall D. Hamilton
1968  Mr. Charles S. Stevenson
1969  Mrs. Mary G. Roebling
1970  Mr. John D. Montgomery
1971  Mr. Roy J. Smith
1972  Mrs. Lois Braymes
1973  Dr. Lee Sherman Dreyfus
1974  Mr. James E. Roche
1975  Dr. John T. Bonner, Jr.
1976  GEN George H. Decker
1977  Honorable John Slezak
1978  No Award
1979  Mr. Frank Mayborn
1980  GEN William E. DePuy
1981  Mr. William B. French
1982  Mr. William A. Reich
1983  Mr. Henry H. Young
1984  Mr. John D. Bellinger
1985  Mr. Maynard R. Ashworth
1986  No Award
1987  Mrs. Wanda Latham Reaves
1988  Mr. Fred C. Bramlage
1989  Mr. G. Duncan Bauman
1990  Mr. Bernard W. Abrams
1991  Mr. Frederick W. Heckman
1992  Mr. Louis H. Stumberg
1993  Mrs. Mary Louise Austin
1994  Mr. John B. Mahaffey
1995  Mr. William W. Paty, Jr.
1996   Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Fisher
1997   Mr. Merrill H. Werts
1998   Dr. Stephen E. Ambrose
1999   Honorable Ike Skelton
2000   Senator Ted Stevens
2001   Senator Max Cleland
2002   Senator Daniel K. Inouye
2003   LTG Richard J. Seitz
2004   GEN Frederick J. Kroesen
2005   The Army Arlington Ladies
2006   LTG Richard G. Trefry
2007  LTG Robert Arter
2008  MG John A. Hemphill
2009  LTG Robert H. Forman
2010  MG Carl McNair
2011  LTG Donald W. Jones
2012  MG Frederic J. Raymond
2013  GEN Louis C. Wagner
2014  LTG Arthur J. Gregg
2015  GEN William F. Kernan
2016 LTG Claude M. "Mick" Kicklighter
2017 General Eric K. Shinseki
2018 Thomas J. Ridge
2019 Elaine Rogers
2020 GEN Richard Cody & Mrs. Vicki Cody
2021 GEN Gustave Perna
2022 Civilian Aides to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) Program - 100th Year of Service
2023 LTG Robert Foley