T-Mobile - Monmouth Chapter's Official Wireless Partner

T-Mobile - Monmouth Chapter's Official Wireless Partner


T-Mobile is one of our newest Community Partners and we are pleased to announce that they have been named the Monmouth Chapter’s official wireless partner.

They are committed to actively supporting our soldier initiatives as they fit nicely within their overall military support area of emphasis. They’ve already agreed to sponsor part of our Junior ROTC scholarship program and we look forward to working with them on some of our other important soldier support efforts down the road.

As part of our partnership, Mr. Joe Giannone, Senior Manager of Business Development for T-Mobile in our Region, is implementing a customized, personalized sign up program for our membership. This will make it easier for our members who qualify to take advantage of T-Mobile’s special discounted rates for Active Duty Military and Veterans, First Responders, and members aged 55 and over.

Please click on the links below to learn more about each of these programs and evaluate which program might benefit you and/or your family:

Mr. Giannone has agreed to serve as your concierge to assist you in deciding which plan works best and to walk you through the process of signing up if you so desire. You may contact him directly at 862-220-9337 or Joseph.Giannone@T-Mobile.com. In addition, in recognition of Military Appreciation Month, beginning May 24th and continuing for 90 days, T-Mobile will contribute $20 to our local chapter for every member who becomes a new customer of T-Mobile.


Visit T-Mobile at https://www.t-mobile.com/
Thank you to T-Mobile for their support of the AUSA Monmouth Chapter.