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Join AUSA, the Army’s premier professional association and host of the largest land power exposition in the U.S.

AUSA is open to everyone—including all ranks and components—whether you have a relationship with the U.S. Army or simply want to honor those who serve.






Professional Development

Access educational, business, and career-building opportunities. Learn how the Army interacts with Industry, attend in-person and virtual sessions, download studies and reports, listen to podcasts, access job and resume support, and apply for scholarships.


  • 2020 U.S. Army Profile
  • AUSA Industry Guide
  • $325,000 in Scholarships

Stay Informed

Learn the latest Army developments with AUSA’s monthly magazine, weekly updates, daily headline news articles and listen to AUSA's weekly Army Matters podcasts. Plus, find out where AUSA stands on the pressing issues with Army-related legislative updates.


  • Annual ARMY Green Book
  • Award-winning ARMY Magazine
  • 2020 Focus Areas

Make Connections

Meet your Army and grow your network with AUSA. Join our members—individuals and organizations—at national and local virtual and live events. Plus, meet helpful contacts through your chapter with community service and volunteer support.


  • 245,000+ Members
  • 3,000+ Organizations
  • 120+ Local Chapters





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AUSA Gets You More

Free SAT/ACT Test Prep
20% Savings
Save up to 39% off tuition


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Member Purchase Plan Pricing
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Resort Rentals Worldwide for $359 per week
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Member Discounts
Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance
Affordable group rates on life insurance


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Published Tuesday and Thursday, Soldier Today focuses on tending topics in the Army and professional development for today’s NCO.