Major General James Earl Rudder Medal

Major General James Earl Rudder Medal


The MAJOR GENERAL JAMES EARL RUDDER MEDAL was established in 1999 and is awarded annually to a serving or former member of the United States Army Reserve who has contributed most to the advancement of the Association’s goal of a seamless and component-integrated Army.


  1. Awarded  annually  to  a  serving  or  former  member  of  the  United  States  Army  Reserve  who  has  contributed  most  to  the  advancement  of  the  Association’s  goal  of  a  seamless  and  component- integrated Army into the current calendar year.
  2. Elected or appointed Federal Government Officials (except Civilian Aides to the Secretary of the Army  who  have  served  multiple  terms)  are  deferred  from  consideration  to  receive  the  award  while in office.
  3. Members of the AUSA Board of Directors are deferred from consideration to receive the award while serving on the board.
  4. There is no requirement that those nominated or selected be members of the Association.
  5. Candidate must be present to accept the award at the Association’s Annual Meeting.


Previous Recipients

1999 MG John T. Crowe
2000 CSM Collin Younger
2001 MG William F. Ward, Jr.
2002 LTG Thomas J. Plewes
2003 MG Felix Santoni
2004 MG William E. Barron
2005 MG Herbert Altschuler
2006 MG James R. Helmly
2007 CW5 James G. Anderson
2008 MG Craig Bambrough
2009 MG Richard O. Wightman, Jr.
2010 MG Alan D. Bell
2011 MG Curtis A. Loop
2012 LTG Jack C. Stultz
2013 CSM W. Douglas Gibbens
2014 MG Paul E. Mock
2015 MG James M. Collins
2016 LTG Jeffrey W. Talley
2017 MG Marcia C. Anderson
2018 CSM Joseph R. Sweeney
2019 Colonel Olin Finley Brewster
2020 LTG Charles Luckey
2021 LTC John Dyess
2022 CSM Arthur Leak
2023 COL L. Gordon Sumner, Jr.