LinkedIn Class Registration

LinkedIn Class Registration

Free online training class to better understand LinkedIn and how to use it to market yourself. 

November 9 * 9-11 AM EST

The Challenge:

Thousands of recruiters and hiring managers with pain points are searching online every minute for top talent, expert advice and strategic partners.  With more than a half billion members now on LinkedIn, how do you position yourself to “be found” quickly and easily when people need your expertise but don’t know your name? 


Linda Kempin, an award-winning personal online branding and LinkedIn coach, provides a look at “LinkedIn Behind the Scenes” and why 98% of LinkedIn’s members are missing out on opportunities.   She combines SEO savvy with her experience working with business leaders for more than 20 years to help clients achieve the critical visibility they need to succeed in the overcrowded world of social media.  Learn more and sign up here.  


Your LinkedIn profile is the gatekeeper to your career advancement. The good news is that YOU hold the key!


Here's what you'll take away from this session:

  • Behind the scenes look at how LinkedIn really works
  • The 3 audiences you need to simultaneously satisfy to really leverage LinkedIn
  • Getting visibility among more than 700 MM other LinkedIn members so you're not "lost in the weeds"
  • Why 98% of us are missing opportunities
  • Strategies for a compelling LinkedIn profile
  • Optimization tips and strategies so opportunities find you
  • The most important piece of real estate on your LiinkedIn profile
  • Managing your online reputation
  • How to get found for your expertise when they don't know your name.


You are also invited to attend AUSA's virtual job fair on November 10 from 10-2.

For more information about the job fair and to sign up for both the job fair AND LinkedIn training session, visit


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