September 14, 2019

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 17

6424 West Cheyenne Ave
La sVegas, NV
United States

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 17 invited AUSA Las Vegas Chapter President to be Guest Speaker

The President of the Las Vegas Chapter Ken Salazar was invited to speak at the Vietnam Veterans of America General Membership Meeting on 14 September 2019. Introducing Vietnam Veterans to what AUSA is, Why we do it and When we do events locally. Additionally the President talked about the International Land Warriors Program, bringing forward copies of the ILW Spotlight, Campaign Streamers, Profile of the U.S. Army, and the Monthly Army Magazine to name a few. The President also briefly talked about the many discounted options in particular, for entertainment in places like theme parks, and Vegas Shows. The Vietnam Veterans General membership was greatly appreciative and happy of the brief and learned a lot about AUSA. Many Veterans stayed behind to ask a variety of questions and were interested in membership.