ARMY Magazine Vol. 67, No. 12, December 2017


The winner of the 2017 ARMY magazine photo contest is a Department of the Army civilian from Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., who knows how to find action.
Loyalty is listed first among the Army Values, which is unfortunate. It should not even be one of the seven Army Values. Regardless of how Army doctrine defines the term, soldiers understand loyalty by its common meaning—as devotion to a person or...
Some injuries to a soldier’s body can be quantified, some not. For example, the DVBIC reports there are 370,688 U.S. military service members with TBI.
The Modern Army Combatives Program teaches hand-to-hand combative skills for the Army, and has greatly increased close-quarters combat training and proficiency.
The vast majority of civilians we encountered over our careers, including many of whom served time in the military themselves, were every bit as dedicated.
When the SEAL boat touched the beach, the place was lit up like the Hollywood Bowl. The Navy frogmen intended to complete a clandestine reconnaissance of the Somali shoreline. Instead, the SEALs and follow-on landing craft full of Marines became the...
December 2017 Book Reviews Featuring Books on World War I, grunts in the Vietnam War, black troops in the revolutionary war, and more.