NCO & Soldier Programs Intern

NCO & Soldier Programs Intern

The NCO & Soldier Program Intern assists in organizing chapter membership support activities and relations for the National Headquarters.

The NCO & Soldiers Program Intern’s responsibilities include:

  • Update and distribute information to Director and VP, as well as prospective members at the direction of the supervisor.
  • Create, identify, and track membership leads at events, generate membership reporting, evaluate success, trends, and challenges with member recruitment campaigns, assist with member forecasting, strategies and tactics.
  • Assist in the association’s efforts to create a comprehensive chapter leader experience through customer service, tools, and resources to engage, recruit and retain members.

The NCO & Soldier Program Intern is a key and essential member of the Team. The focus of the NCO & Soldier Programs Team is to assist regions and chapters with day-to-day issues and serve as a link between the National Headquarters and the regions/chapters.  Overseas the creation and implementation of strategies to support member recruitment, engagement, and retention efforts.  Facilitates strategic planning and leadership development programs for regions and chapters.

The nature of the work requires a military background and an understanding of Army organizational structure, military rank and position, protocol policies and procedures; public relations skills, especially in the areas of oral and written communication; organizational and computer skills; the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously; flexibility to react quickly and positively to unforeseen or unplanned requirements; and the ability to establish credibility among those being served.

The NCO & Soldier Program Intern exists to support the chapters and members and assists in member recruitment and retention program processes.  Processes membership applications or changes, prepares correspondence regarding membership.  Assists in developing and designing recruitment campaigns and chapter training.


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