Membership Program Intern

Membership Program Intern

The Membership team plays a critical role in ensuring AUSA’s 122 chapters located worldwide have the support and resources they need to continue to provide a voice for our Army, support our Soldiers and their families and honor those who have served in order to advance the security of our nation.  The Membership Team provides the tools, training, and development required for successful chapter operations.

The Membership Program Intern is an entry level role that is critical for our organization’s growth and evolving recruitment and retention campaign strategy. This vital role allows for the chapters to receive the support and direction needed to successfully conduct chapter operations to grow in membership and offer relevant programs. The intern plays a very important role within the Membership Team and sets a high standard of collaboration and engagement that is expected by our Membership and Meetings Vice-President, the National Staff, and the regional and chapter leadership.

The Membership Team is seeking a results focused entry level manager who enjoys working with people, can understand concepts quickly, has passion for other’s success and is willing to dive into challenging problems that impact our members and volunteer leaders.  In this role, the successful candidate would be responsible for collaboration with key stakeholders who are responsible for the overall growth and retention of membership and the conduct of programs which advance the aims and objectives of the Association. The intern functions as an advocate of the chapter leadership and members ensuring the requisite level of support is provided.

The successful candidate will need to build strong relationships with key members of the Membership team, namely, marketing, managers and directors of subordinate teams.  Building and maintaining a strong working relationship with the National Staff and the Membership Team, in particular, will be critical to the candidate’s success in this role.

The successful candidate will have completed their service’s transition assistance program, including the Department of Labor workshop.

The position requires strong interpersonal skills, ability to deal with unexpected challenges, and demonstrated ability to communicate effectively (spoken and written). Candidates need to possess a passion for the success of others and are willing to contribute to other’s successes. Being a critical thinker, collaborative teammate and member advocate while producing clear results are very important competencies to hold in this role.


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