Government Affairs Intern

Government Affairs Intern

The AUSA Government Affairs Intern position is intended for an experienced professional preparing to transition from the Department of Defense to the private sector or to a position with the Legislative or Executive Branch of the U.S. Government.  The SkillBridge intern position reports to the Government Affairs Director (the manager).

The Government Affairs team reports to the Vice President for Education and Professional Development, but frequently works special projects and provides analysis and recommendations requested by the AUSA President and CEO.

The SkillBridge intern position requires strong interpersonal skills, the ability to deal with and work through unexpected challenges, the ability to operate without close supervision following leadership intent and priorities, and also adjusting as needed based on the situation, and an excellent ability to communicate effectively (listening, speaking, writing) with others. Candidates need to possess a passion for being of help, adding value and seeking excellence in all things, while working positively and collaboratively with others; all for the Total Army and AUSA.  Being proactive, thinking critically to find and offer meaningful and useful solutions to advance Army and AUSA priorities are very important qualities of character for the position.

The SkillBridge intern position will have many opportunities to contribute, add value, and make a meaningful difference in support of the AUSA mission. 


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