ILW Spotlight

ILW Spotlights highlight key issues relevant to the U.S. Army and its role in national defense. They are sent to the military and civilian leadership of the United States Army and the Department of Defense, selected segments of the American public, members of Congress, key congressional staff, industry and the administration. 


Urbanization and Megacities: Implications for the U.S. Army
by Jeremiah Rozman (Spotlight 19-3, August 2019)

Military Personnel Policy: An Untapped Modernization Opportunity
by MAJ Isaac Wisniewski, USA (ILW Spotlight 19-2, April 2019)

Manning the Army of 2028: Recruitment Modernization
by MAJ Bradley Cooper, USA, and Michael Wang (ILW Spotlight 19-1, March 2019)


Maneuver Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Enhancing Tactical Maneuver
by Tyler Wesley (ILW Spotlight 18-5, November 2018)

Seizing the High Ground - United States Army Futures Command
by COL Daniel S. Roper, USA, Ret., and LTC Jessica D. Grassetti, USA (ILW Spotlight 18-4, October 2018)

Energy Resilience: An Imperative for a More Lethal, Agile and Strategically-Relevant Force
by COL Daniel S. Roper, USA, Ret. (ILW Spotlight 18-3, August 2018)

Regaining Tactical Overmatch: The Close Combat Lethality Task Force
by COL Daniel S. Roper, USA, Ret. (ILW Spotlight 18-2, April 2018)

Modernization for Industrial Age U.S. Army Installations
by COL Patrick M. Duggan, USA (ILW Spotlight 18-1, February 2018)


Securing the Army's Weapon Systems and Supply Chain against Cyber Attack
by LTG Larry Wyche, USA Ret., and Greg Pieratt (ILW Spotlight 17-3, November 2017)

Integrating Army Robotics and Autonomous Systems to Fight and Win
(ILW Spotlight 17-2, July 2017)

Army Intelligence: Focus Areas for Science and Technology
(ILW Spotlight 17-1, April 2017)