I am Your Flag

I am Your Flag

I am your flag.
I am not a pennant, but a purpose;
not a standard, but a symbol;
not a banner but a belief.

I was conceived in justice,
fostered by the love of liberty,
and nourished by the desire for freedom.
I am not a flag, but your Flag.

My fate is in your hands.
I can rise equal to your highest hopes.
I am indicative of your ideals
and symbolic of your sacrifices in the preservation of Liberty,
Freedom and Justice.

I am not a substance, but a shadow:
The heroic spirit
of all the great Americans...
of Washington and Wayne,
of Jefferson and Jones,
of Calhoun and Carver.

I flew as proudly at Charleston as at Concord,
at San Antonio as at San Juan Hill,
at Iwo Jima as at Independence Hall.

I am a composite of a Nation's ideals
and a denotation of its desires.
I am Old Glory.....
The Star spangled Banner....
the Red, White and Blue.

I am what you believe me to be,
and am nothing more.
Love and respect me,
then Freedom, Liberty, and Justice live.

Neglect me and we perish together.
My fate is in your hands.

Author Unknown