AUSA Greater Augusta Fort Gordon Chapter June "Breakfast and Briefings"

AUSA Greater Augusta Fort Gordon Chapter June "Breakfast and Briefings"

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Saturday, June 27, 2020

This month we had Colonel Jim Clifford, Garrison Commander, providing his final Fort Gordon update for AUSA before he retires to become the North Augusta City Administrator. We have been fortunate to have Col Clifford, wife Hannah and family as a more permanent addition to our region.

Col Clifford provided an update on the new Cyber campus, the new Gate 6 and the other projects comprising $1.6B of construction, and latest updates on Fort Gordon growth to include the move of U.S. Army Cyber Command. How much has COVID-19 delayed these actions? When will military moves be reauthorized so families can find housing, enroll children in schools, and schedule movement of household goods? What other major changes to Fort Gordon are forthcoming? This is sure to be a very informative briefing for the greater Augusta community as many businesses are recovering from the pandemic restrictions.

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To watch the briefing click here.