George Washington Chapter AUSA
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Conflict Kinetics – Gunfighter Gym™ host a “This is My Squad” Event for the The Old Guard.


Conflict Kinetics, a Community Partner of the George Washington Chapter AUSA, hosted a Squad of Old Guard Soldiers their Gunfighter Gym™ in Sterling VA on 26 August to spend some time in a Human Performance, Lethality and Readiness Building Simulation capability. This event allowed the Squad to get behind some weapons and shoot in a simulated scenario within a safe and clean (COVID – 19)  free environment.  CK’s training facility has a full Gunfighter Gym™ and both a One Story & Two Story Shoot House facility built around simulation training.   The Squad can accomplish everything from basic BRM (new Army Qualification – TC 3-20.40) thru Battle Drill #6…  In addition, they get Human Performance and Cognitive training incorporated into this event.


CSM Tony Tuck, US Army Retired

Planning and Logistics Manager


Business Development Manager (Army Lead)

Conflict Kinetics