February 24, 2018

EagleBank Arena, GMU Campus, Fairfax, VA

4500 Patriot Circle
Fairfax, VA
United States

The Fairfax-Lee Chapter is proud to partner with George Mason University to recognize Citizen Soldiers and raise funds for the GMU ROTC Scholarship fund. $5 of every $25 General Admission ticket will be donated to the ROTC fund. In addition specially discounted $15 tickets are available for US Military Service Members, Veterans, Retirees and their family members. In a pregame ceremony GMU will present their Made a Difference awards to deserving Soldiers. Use promo code ROTC when purchasing tickets on line and follow the prompts. You will also have the option in the Delivery Method menu to donate the tickets. Donated tickets will be distributed by the Fairfax-Lee Chapter to Service Members in the National Capital Region. Hope to see you there!