AUSA's Thought Leaders - Warrant Officer Panel Discussion

AUSA's Thought Leaders - Warrant Officer Panel Discussion

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AUSA’s Thought Leaders webinar series—an extension of our Thought Leaders podcast—focuses on contemporary military authors and senior military leaders. Thought Leaders seeks to educate the public on critical issues affecting land forces and strategy.

Please join us on Thursday, 8 July 2021 at 1400 EDT to hear a panel on Warrant Officers.

Warrant Officers are critical to successful operations today, and their importance to the mission will continue to increase as the Army transforms. It is imperative that the Army attract and retain the most talented warrant officer cohort across all components and leverage the roles of Army National Guard and Reserve warrant officers. Join us to hear a panel discussion focusing on warrant officer talent management—to include diversity, equity and inclusion—and accessions and retention. It will also discuss professional military education and the role of the warrant officer in the modern Army.

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Opening Remarks

  • CW5 Yolondria Dixon-Carter, Senior Warrant Officer Advisor to the Chief of Staff, Army
    CW5 Yolondria Dixon-Carter is a currently serving as the Assistant Executive Officer and Senior Warrant Officer Adviser to the Chief of Staff of the Army. In her role as Senior Warrant Officer Adviser, she chairs the Army Warrant Officer Council, which advises the CSA and other Army senior leaders on current and future development of the warrant officer cohort.



  • CW5 Rick Knowlton, Senior Warrant Officer Advisor, Army Talent Management 
    CW5 Richard Knowlton is currently serving as Senior Warrant Officer Adviser for the Army Talent Management Task Force. He has previously served as the Chief of Aviation Warrant Officer Assignments at U.S. Army Human Resources Command and Command Chief Warrant Officer of the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade at Fort Hood, Texas.
  • CW5 Patrick Nelligan, Command Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Army Reserve
    CW5 Patrick Nelligan is currently serving as Command Chief Warrant Officer of U.S. Army Reserve Command. In this role, CW5 Nelligan advises the USARC commanding general, headquarters staff, and subordinate elements on all matters affecting talent management, professional development and quality of life for Army Reserve warrant officers.
  • CW5 Teresa A. Domeier, Command Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Army National Guard
    CW5 Teresa A. Domeier is currently serving as Command Chief Warrant Officer of the Army National Guard. In this role, CW5 Domeier advises the Director of the Army National Guard on all matters pertaining to policies, programs and actions concerning the warrant officer cohort across the Guard. CW5 Domeier previously served as Command Chief Warrant Officer of the Nebraska Army National Guard.
  • CW5 Jonathan O. Yerby, Senior Warrant Officer Advisor, U.S. Army Forces Command
    CW5 Jonathan O. Yerby is currently serving as Senior Warrant Officer Advisor for U.S. Army Forces Command. Prior to this assignment, he served as Command Chief Warrant Officer for U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command.



  • CW5 Phyllis J. Wilson, U.S. Army, Retired, AUSA Senior Fellow
    CW5(R) Phyllis J. Wilson served as the 5th Command Chief Warrant Officer for the United States Army Reserve. She is President of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation and serves on the boards of directors for the Allied Forces Foundation, the Army Women's Foundation, and the Association of the United States Army, where she is also a Senior Fellow.