AUSA Thought Leaders - General George Joulwan

AUSA Thought Leaders - General George Joulwan

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AUSA’s Thought Leaders livestream series—an extension of our Thought Leaders podcast— focuses on senior military leaders and contemporary military authors, Thought Leaders seeks to educate the public on critical issues affecting land forces and strategy.

Please join us on Tuesday, 20 April 2021 at 1430 EDT for a presentation by General George Joulwan, USA, Ret., author of Watchman at the Gates: A Soldier’s Journey from Berlin to Bosnia.

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  • General George Joulwan
    General George Joulwan retired from the Army in 1997 as a four-star general. His career spanned thirty-six years and included roles in some of the highest leadership positions in the armed forces. Joulwan also gained teaching experience at both the United States Military Academy and Loyola University. He lives in Arlington, Virginia.


About the book 

Cover of Watchman at the Gates

In Watchman at the Gates, General George Joulwan chronicles his exceptional career in the upper echelons of the armed forces. Present at both the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, he served multiple tours in Germany during the Cold War and two tours in Vietnam. By chance, he was recruited as Nixon's White House deputy chief of staff and witnessed the last acts of the Watergate drama first-hand. He went on to lead US Southern Command -- fighting insurgencies and the drug war in Latin America -- and was Supreme Allied Commander of NATO forces in Europe (SACEUR) during the Rwandan genocide and the Bosnian peacekeeping missions of the 1990s.

At its heart, this inspiring memoir is a soldier's story -- written by a warrior who saw defending his country and the democratic values it stands for as his highest calling. Joulwan shares his experiences working with many major military and political figures, including generals William E. DePuy, Alexander Haig, John Vessey, and Colin Powell, US ambassador Richard Holbrooke, and presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton. Throughout, he merges memory and lessons in leadership, paying tribute to his teachers and colleagues and explaining the significance of their influence on his personal approach to command. Featuring a foreword by Tom Brokaw, Watchman at the Gates offers incredible insights into world events as well as valuable lessons for a new generation of leaders.