ILW Landpower Education Forum

ILW Landpower Education Forum

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Army Readiness
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On 23 October, AUSA’s Institute of Land Warfare will be hosting its inaugural annual ILW Landpower Education Forum. Each year, this Forum will allow AUSA to showcase the best authors from the ILW writing program, giving AUSA’s members and supporters a chance to hear the authors’ ideas centered on a specific topic. The conversation this year will be focused on Army Readiness with presentations of the following papers:

Satellite and Ground Communication Systems: Space and Electronic Warfare Threats to the United States Army
by MAJ Andrew H. Boyd, USA (Land Warfare Paper 115, November 2017)

The Reemergence of the Siege: An Assessment of Trends in Modern Land Warfare
by MAJ Amos C. Fox, USA (Landpower Essay 18-2, June 2018)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Dubious Political Will to Defend Baltic Allies
by MAJ Zachary Morris, USA (Land Warfare Paper 120, August 2018)

The Influence Machine: Automated Information Operations as a Strategic Defeat Mechanism
by MAJ Christopher Telley, USA (Land Warfare Paper 121, October 2018)



GEN David G. Perkins, USA, Ret.
former Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command


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