Hot Topic: Army Air & Missile Defense

Hot Topic: Army Air & Missile Defense

AUSA Conference & Event Center

2425 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
United States

Protecting the force and achieving strategic flexibility in a multi-domain environment
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The Association of the United States Army’s Institute of Land Warfare (ILW) presents its Army Air & Missile Defense Hot Topic to be held on 7 February 2017 at the AUSA Conference and Event Center in Arlington, VA.

As you know, Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) has been and will continue to be a core capability that the U.S. Army provides to the Joint Force and coalition partners.  This portfolio is now the fourth largest in the Army Budget and given the rowing international threat of sophisticated rocket and missile technologies, integrated air and missile defense will be vital to our Nation’s overall defense capability for the foreseeable future.

This symposium will provide a unique opportunity for senior leaders from industry to the military to interact and share their thoughts on the future of the Army’s role in IAMD.  We expect to have over 300 military, government, and industry professionals involved in all aspects of Army installations.

The symposium will validate how the Army AMD Strategy remains nested in and relevant to Army guidance and direction (e.g. Army Operating Concept, Army Vision Force 2025 & Beyond) as well as National and Joint Guidance (e.g. 2016 NMS, Joint Force 2020, CJCS’s Joint IAMD: Vision 2020).  It will also provide insights into Army IAMD force modernization requirements and resources and lines of effort for Force 2025 Maneuvers and the Army Warfighter Challenges.