AUSA Center for Leadership Staff Ride

AUSA Center for Leadership Staff Ride

National Museum of the United States Army

The Center for Leadership and Army Historical Foundation hosted AUSA’s 2022 Staff Ride at the National Museum of the United States Army on October 8, 2022.


One of the reasons that the Center for Leadership team was most excited for this event was because of the diverse audience in attendance. Participants included military attachés from 13 different countries including Ukraine, Brazil, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Korea, Kuwait, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, and Sweden, indispensable industry partners of AUSA, emerging leaders from the Pallas Foundation that are beginning their careers in government, Congressional staffers, and senior Army leaders from the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and Active component.

Leadership Presentations

Participants enjoyed 7 presentations during a guided tour around the Museum. Each presenter discussed the historical context related to their topic, as well as share a focused leadership lesson, personal stories, and the relevance of their topic to our Army today. The purpose of this event was to focus on more junior, small-unit leaders to highlight the selfless service of young soldiers.

Details of the leadership presentations can be found below:


Army Families: Not all leaders wear a uniform

Missy Halstead

Newburgh Conspiracy: How General George Washington saved the Nation and began the American tradition of military subordination to elected, civilian authorities

COL (R) Scott Halstead

Heroism at Gettysburg: How Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing earned the Medal of Honor

CSM (R) David Clark

Trust and empowerment after D-Day: How Sergeant Curtis Culin’s innovative solution enabled the allies to break out of the Normandy hedgerows

CSM (R) Mario Terenas

Leadership in battle and in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp: How Staff Sergeant Jon Cavaiani earned the Medal of Honor

LTG (R) Schultz (Army Historical Foundation)

Heroism in Mogadishu, Somalia: How Master Sergeant Gary Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart laid down their lives and earned the Medal of Honor

Gina Cavallaro (Army Magazine, AUSA)

The expanded role of women in the Army: Leading from the front in Afghanistan and Iraq

MAJ Jennifer Mahoney (OIF and OEF Veteran)

GEN Perkins Leadership Presentation

After the guided tour, participants heard from GEN Perkins about his leadership lessons during the Thunder Run to Baghdad.

Dave Perkins 8

General David Perkins served as the 15th Commander of the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) which is responsible for designing, acquiring, building, and constantly improving the US Army which is one of the largest and most complex organizations in the world. Under his leadership TRADOC developed the Army’s concept of Multi Domain Operations which has become a driver for future change not only in the US Military, but around the world. As a Brigade Commander he led the historical “Thunder Run” into Baghdad that led to the fall of the regime.

The Center for Leadership is fortunate to have GEN Perkins as our AUSA Distinguished Chair for Leadership along with our Senior NCO Leadership Chair, CSM (R) Dave Clark who presented about First Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing during the Museum tour.

GEN (R) Perkins tied the staff ride event together during his discussion about the characteristics of strong leaders and their heroic service during the Thunder Run to Baghdad. One of his personal photos (captured by an embedded photographer) can be seen above.

Thank you!

On behalf of the AUSA Center for Leadership, the Army Historical Foundation, and the National Museum of the United States Army, thank you to all of our attendees! The Center for Leadership will continue to aim to inspire diverse audiences about selfless young leaders and their Total Army.


Are you interested in a future AUSA Staff Ride or have questions about the October 8th, 2022 event? Contact Angela Pubal at