Defense Reports

Defense Reports

Defense Reports

Defense Reports were concise, informational papers designed to succinctly provide facts bearing on the most critical 21st century defense challenges. These messages were sent to the leadership of the United States Army and the Department of Defense, selected segments of the American public, members of Congress, key congressional staff, industry and the administration.

This version of the Defense Report series was published from 1994 to 2016. For Defense Report Editorials—published from 1976 to 1993—click here.



Strategic Readiness: The U.S. Army as a Global Force
(Defense Report 16-3, June 2016)

National Commission on the Future of the Army: A Potential Blueprint for the Total Army
(Defense Report 16-2, February 2016)

Until They All Come Home: The Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency
(Defense Report 16-1, February 2016)


Building Readiness to Sustain Global Responsiveness and Regional Engagement
(Defense Report 15-2, April 2015)

The Army Operating Concept 2020–2040: Winning in a Complex World
(Defense Report 15-1, April 2015)


The U.S. Army Capstone Concept: Defining the Army of 2020
(Defense Report 13-1, January 2013)


Army Total Force Policy: Fully Integrating the Operational Reserve
(Defense Report 12-1, December 2012)


Unleashing Unlimited Potential: The Army Warrior Care and Transition Program in 2011
(Defense Report 11-4, October 2011)

Network Integration Evaluations: Developing Technologies with the Army's Industry Partners
(Defense Report 11-3, October 2011)

Equipping the Reserve Component for Mission Success at Home and Abroad
(Defense Report 11-2, June 2011)

The French-British Defense Treaty: Setting History Aside
(Defense Report 11-1, January 2011)


Capability Portfolio Reviews
(Defense Report 10-3, September 2010)

The 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review: Refocusing Priorities
(Defense Report 10-2, March 2010)

The Army Management Enterprise: Focus on the Future
(Defense Report 10-1, February 2010)


Advance Payments to Small Defense Contractors
(Defense Report 09-6, December 2009)

The Kurdish Question
(Defense Report 09-5, September 2009)

Reforming the National Security Council for the 21st Century: Integrating Homeland Security and Transnational Threats
(Defense Report 09-4, July 2009)

The Future of Army Aviation Requirements
(Defense Report 09-3, May 2009)

Expanding and Improving the Army's Contracting Oversight
(Defense Report 09-2, April 2009)

Improving Care for Wounded Warriors: Warrior Care and Transition Program
(Defense Report 09-1, February 2009)


Warrior Care and Transition Program: Making Good on a Promise
(Defense Report 08-3, October 2008)

Absentee Voting for Servicemembers
(Defense Report 08-2, September 2008)

Transforming the Army's Civilian Workforce: A New Vision
(Defense Report 08-1, August 2008)


No Supplemental Funding: Implication for the U.S. Army
(Defense Report 07-4, December 2007)

Supporting Those Who Have Given So Much: Army Medical Action Plan Update
(Defense Report 07-3, September 2007)

Army Medical Action Plan
(Defense Report 07-2, June 2007)

Aviation Career Incentive Pay
(Defense Report 07-1, May 2007)


No Defense Appropriations Bill—What That Means for the Soldier and the Army
(Defense Report 06-2, August 2006)

2006 Quadrennial Defense Review: Shifting Emphasis
(Defense Report 06-1, March 2006)


eArmyU: Army Distance Education
(Defense Report 05-5, December 2005)

Base Realignment and Closure 2005: Implications for the Army's Medical Capabilities
(Defense Report 05-4, June 2005)

The Transforming Army and Impact Aid: Remembering Military Children
(Defense Report 05-3, June 2005)

New Army Doctrine for a Nation at War
(Defense Report 05-2, June 2005)

Anticipating the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review: Issues and Opportunities
(Defense Report 05-1, March 2005)


Protecting the Military's Right to Vote
(Defense Report 04-4, August 2004)

Equipment for the Soldier: A Most Critical Unfunded Requirement
(Defense Report 04-3, May 2004)

The Security Clearance Process: A Defense Dinosaur?
(Defense Report 04-2, May 2004)

The Survivor Benefit Plan: Getting What Was Promised—and Paid For
(Defense Report 04-1, April 2004)


Comanche—Critical Enabler for Joint and Army Future Force Operations
(Defense Report 03-5, December 2003)

Army Reserve Bridge to Transformation: Federal Reserve Restructuring Initiative
(Defense Report 03-4, September 2003)

The Army Reserve's TTHS Account Initiative—The Personnel Management Tool of Choice for Improving Readiness
(Defense Report 03-3, September 2003)

Decaying Infrastructure—An Achilles' Heel to Readiness for the Guard and Reserve
(Defense Report 03-2, March 2003)

Comanche—"Eyes and Guide" for the Joint Force
(Defense Report 03-1, January 2003)


Examining the September 2002 National Security Strategy
(Defense Report 02-7, September 2002)

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940—Easing the Burden of Service
(Defense Report 02-6, August 2002)

Reserve Retirement—Illuminating Some Gray Areas
(Defense Report 02-5, August 2002)

Reserve Component Tax Deductions for Soldiers and Employers
(Defense Report 02-4, August 2002)

Comanche—Critical Enabler for the Objective Force
(Defense Report 02-3, July 2002)

A First Look at President Bush's June 2002 West Point Speech
(Defense Report 02-2, June 2002)

The U.S. Army: Too Small for the Tasks at Hand
(Defense Report 02-1, April 2002)


Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision: In Need of Serious Reform
(Defense Report 01-4, December 2001)

Department of the Army Civilians: A "Crisis in Human Capital"
(Defense Report 01-3, August 2001)

Pay-Table Reform: The Next Step
(Defense Report 01-2, April 2001)

The U.S. Army at the Dawn of the 21st Century: Overcommitted and Underresourced
(Defense Report 01-1, January 2001)


Closing the Pay Gap
(Defense Report 00-4, October 2000)

Strategic Responsiveness: New Paradigm for a Transformed Army
(Defense Report 00-3, October 2000)

Some Good News in the Budget
(Defense Report 00-2, August 2000)

Quadrennial Defense Review: From 1997 to 2001
(Defense Report 00-1, June 2000)


RAH-66 Comanche Helicopter—Key to Future Army Warfighting
(Defense Report 99-5, April 1999)

Implications of Kosovo: Another Balkan's War?
(Defense Report 99-4, April 1999)

Consensus and NATO's New Strategic Doctrine
(Defense Report 99-3, April 1999)

The Fiscal Year 2000 Defense Budget—Path to Unpreparedness
(Defense Report 99-2, March 1999)

Military Retirement—The Redux Dilemma
(Defense Report 99-1, January 1999)


The Pay Comparability Gap
(Defense Report 98-7, November 1998)

The Division Advanced Warfighting Experiment: Intelligence and Surveillance Implications (Joint STARS, UAVs and Raptor)
(Defense Report 98-6, September 1998)

The Army's New Heavy Division Design
(Defense Report 98-5, August 1998)

The Demand for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps in American High Schools
(Defense Report 98-4, July 1998)

The Division Advanced Warfighting Experiment: Fire Support Implications (Crusader, MLRS and Comanche)
(Defense Report 98-3, April 1998)

Implications of Kosovo: Another Balkans War?
(Defense Report 98-2, April 1998)

Soldiers Serve as Our Credentials
(Defense Report 98-1, February 1998)


Tactical Aircraft Costs Limit Broader DoD Modernization
(Defense Report 97-9, October 1997)

Force Structure and Force XXI
(Defense Report 97-8, September 1997)

Overseas Presence
(Defense Report 97-7, September 1997)

Precision Strike/Dominant Maneuver
(Defense Report 97-6, September 1997)

Army Modernization: A Growing Challenge
(Defense Report 97-5, August 1997)

The Emerging Strategic Environment and the Relevance of Ground Forces
(Defense Report 97-4, August 1997)

Army's Role in Executing the National Security Strategy
(Defense Report 97-3, June 1997)

Dependence on Technology Yields an Unbalanced Force
(Defense Report 97-2, June 1997)

Needed: A Strategically Relevant Military Force
(Defense Report 97-1, February 1997)


National Defense into the 21st Century: Defining the Issues
(Defense Report 96-6, October 1996)

Needed: A Balanced Defense Program
(Defense Report 96-5, June 1996)

Have We Drawn the Army Down Too Far?
(Defense Report 96-4, May 1996)

The Revolution in Military Thinking and Army Modernization
(Defense Report 96-3, March 1996)

Military Health Care in Transition
(Defense Report 96-2, February 1996)

A Matter of Resources: Army Modernization
(Defense Report 96-1, January 1996)


Recommendations from the Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces: The Era of Jointness
(Defense Report 95-6, July 1995)

Guarding Korea's Frontier
(Defense Report 95-5, June 1995)

Theater Missile Defense and National Missile Defense
(Defense Report 95-4, April 1995)

The Army's Louisiana Maneuvers and Force XXI
(Defense Report 95-3, March 1995)

Army Readiness and the 104th Congress
(Defense Report 95-2, February 1995)

National Security and the 104th Congress
(Defense Report 95-1, January 1995)


An Operation Other Than War: American Forces in Central Africa
(Defense Report 94-10, October 1994)

The Account of Convenience for the Federal Government
(Defense Report 94-9, August 1994)

America's Military Poor
(Defense Report 94-8, August 1994)

Alert: Strike Against Commissary Benefits Possible
(Defense Report 94-7, July 1994)

Vigilance: Critical at All Levels
(Defense Report 94-6, June 1994)

Modernization: A Commitment to Future Readiness
(Defense Report 94-5, June 1994)

Challenge: Force XXI Battle Commander
(Defense Report 94-4, May 1994)

A Costly Oversight
(Defense Report 94-3, May 1994)

The Total Army: Now More Than Ever
(Defense Report 94-2, April 1994)

At Risk: The World's Finest Fighting Force
(Defense Report 94-1, April 1994)