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Established on 8 January 1957 as a chapter of the national Association of the United States Army (AUSA), we are Southwest Oklahoma’s Superpower for Soldiers—a nonprofit 501(c)(3) association composed of members of the military (all ranks, active, National Guard/Reserves, retirees), corporate executives, community leaders and other civilians.

Message from the President

What an honor to be asked to serve as President of AUSA FIRES Chapter!

My ties with the military go deep into my family’s history.  My dad served as an Air Force mechanic; during WW II my father-in-law served as a Captain in the Army, and also during     WWI II my mother-in-law served as a Navy WAVE.  My husband, Jesse Bailey, COL (R) USAR, was active duty within the Dental Corp and completed his military career in the Army Reserves.   Through my husband’s service I experienced first-hand many of the challenges our military families face because my family remains a military family!

While my family ties are strong, they are not my primary reason for working with AUSA.  As an educator I’ve enjoyed working with many outstanding high school students who arrive in Lawton-Fort Sill due to a parent being stationed here.  The life experiences these students bring to their education are abundant and diverse.  Upon graduation from Great Plains many of these students have voluntarily joined the services—while for many others—our Pre-Engineering academy has been a portal leading to acceptance into one of the nation’s prestigious military academies. 

Serving with the FIRES Chapter has given me an incredible opportunity to give back to those soldiers and their families who serve our nation every day. 

Several years ago Fort Sill was dangerously close to falling victim to budget shortfalls as base realignments happened throughout the US.  I firmly believe it was the Lawton community standing alongside Fort Sill that positively impacted the DOD’s decision to not only keep Fort Sill stable but to grow its troop strength!  AUSA and the FIRES Chapter played a significant role in keeping our community informed, engaged and supportive of Fort Sill’s vital missions. 

It is my pleasure to lead the FIRES chapter comprised of corporate and individual members who strongly back our army families by being their voice within our community, state and nation.  My personal belief is that to whom much is given, much is required.  My family’s designation as a military family has instilled in me a desire to be part of a greater purpose—to take a stand on behalf of our soldiers when they cannot speak for themselves. 

The AUSA FIRES chapter gives us all an opportunity to champion our soldiers and their families.   Join me and help spread the word.  Membership costs are minimal.  The return on your investment to the Lawton-Fort Sill community is priceless.

Karen Bailey

President, AUSA Fires Chapter
PO Box 1272
Lawton, OK 73502
United States

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